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Tel: +31 20 808 44 44
Address: Kingsfordweg 151
1043GR Amsterdam, _, _, Netherlands

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AltusHost Web Host Interview
What is your name and position with AltusHost?
Hello, my name is Nataša Kilibarda, and I am Marketing Manager at AltusHost B.V.
Please tell us a brief history of AltusHost and mission of your company?
AltusHost is established in 2008 and ever since, we are proudly providing high quality Web Hosting services worldwide. During the years, we have succeeded in maintaining the top notch, globally recognizable managed Web Hosting service for our clients, resulting in their highest satisfaction.

AltusHost founders and our team members have more than 10 years experience in web hosting industry. And to be quite honest here, people behind AltusHost are it''s main strength. We are perpetually investing in our people, and especially - in finding professionals with fresh and out of the box way of thinking.

We focus mainly on uptime and client satisfaction, not only with the fastest servers on the market, but with an equally fast and reliable support team. A unique aspect of our company can be seen in the high level of tech support that is guaranteed with all our available plans. Our international, devoted and motivated team of experts works cohesively to deliver solutions 24/7.
What is it that makes AltusHost a competitive company in the European market?
In a crowded and highly competitive niche, such as web hosting industry nowadays, in order to make a difference and excel, a company has to go the extra mile for its clients.

We are constantly pushing our own limits trying to keep that well-deserved strong position in the European market. We at AltusHost are proud to say that we have total quality control of services that we provide to our clients. AltusHost has its own hardware and network infrastructure located in multiple data centers in the Netherlands and Sweden. All our servers are fully managed dedicated servers, so our clients never have to worry about fixing any sudden problems by themselves. All they need to do is continue doing their businesses properly, and let us take care of everything else concerning the stability and accessibility of their website(s).

As our clients are and always will be on top of our priority list, we really take care to offer them five-starred service with more than affordable prices.

Something that we think is AltusHost’s added value to bringing superb web hosting experience to thousands of satisfied customers, could easily be the time and knowledge we invest to show them how to make their online business presence blossom with lots of marketing, SEO, social media tips and hacks on our blog.
What would you say is AltusHost #1 asset to its customer base?
European web hosting market is truly an overcrowded one, filled with a lot of excellent companies determined on doing everything to beat the competition. We at AltusHost stay alert and keen on reinventing and upgrading every aspect of our service, hardware and human resources, with focus on any kind of possible problem our clients could have and make them feel secure and pleased. And every single one of 11.874 (and counting) of them, from over 110 countries all around the globe, are with us for years, safe and sound.

Needless to say, main goal of our company is not just selling our services - our main goal is providing our customers the best service they and their business deserve.

So, top priority of our award-winning support and sales staff are the needs of AltusHost clients - always. That means getting the job done correctly and on time, providing around the clock 24 hours a day, 365 days a year support. AltusHost is using full proactive monitoring of all equipment and websites, being able to catch problems fastly and effectively before our clients are even aware of them.

We do our best to give a human touch to AltusHost, and let our clients meet the living and breathing people they are talking or chatting with when in need. And every our loyal client, truly deserves that first class treatment, and we make it our priority to make sure that they really know and feel that.

Also, we are offering an industry leading 14-day full money back guarantee. We ensure full refund of money, if it turns out that some service doesn’t suit his or her needs.
Do you own datacenters? Where are they located?
AltusHost operates multiple data center facilities in Europe. Every facility we operate in the Netherlands and Sweden is Tier 3 at least. Importantly, we are using our own hardware for our servers and network, unlike many other companies out there, that rent or resell servers from a larger provider.

What is the result and clear benefit of having our own equipment? Well, that way, we are in total control of the whole infrastructure and technology we use to deliver our hosting service. It results with the highest quality global network peering and low latency, which are extremely important factors to our clients when it comes to web hosting.
What is the most challenging aspect to offering dedicated servers?
It not a surprising fact that in 2016 almost all good Web Hosting providers in Europe have Dedicated Hosting service in their offer. However, most of them just resell servers from bigger providers, without having any hardware infrastructure of their own. On the other hand, AltusHost operates completely with its own network, and every single one of premium SuperMicro or Dell brand server we deliver is entirely under our control.

Price/Quality of our service ratio is more than satisfactory to our clients, because <a href="">we offer top notch quality dedicated servers with competitive market price</a>. So, we don’t even try to compete with other “budget” providers with whom clients experience unstable network, unsecure infrastructure and out of reach and uneducated tech support, because at the end, they come to us, trying to save their businesses.
What kind of backup power do you have?
All of our data centers in Europe have A+B power supply. That means a lot because, in theory, that provides us with zero chances to ever lose power supply in data centers. Each rack is connected to a pair of Power Generators, and each of those Generators connects with special backup generators. Those backup generators are then using separate power stations supply for our main power lines if needed, so we are absolutely and positively sure that all servers are running safely all the time for our clients.

In line with that, we offer the redundant or dual power supplies. These options ensure our clients’ businesses that, in case of power supply going down, one or more independent power stations are able to fully supply the server.

And the fact we at AltusHost are especially proud of, is that in the last couple of years, our power uptime was 100 percent.
Do you have multiple backbone connections? What connections do you have?
Our network has extreme high percent of redundancy and is almost completely failure tolerant as a result of multiple backbone connections and making sure that our main upstreams are not interconnected with themselves.

Hypothetically speaking, even if something unexpected happens, our clients will never experience any bigger downtime, since we are guaranteed with main router and within a minute failover switching mode.

Furthermore, all our network equipment is power connected over Dual Power Supply, meaning that core network power distribution is never down for any of its users.
Where do you see AltusHost and the web hosting industry in three years?
Since AltusHost’s very beginning 8 years ago, we are in constant state of improving every aspect of our products and services, as technology is changing to it’s groundbreaking levels almost every day.

We are following up current web hosting trends, experimenting and expanding the capacity with the latest and strongest equipment, staying highly competitive.

As a company that plans to stick around for a long time, we have already started replacing HDDs with SSDs on all our Web Hosting packages. Additionally, we are working on developing our own Cloud platforms, next to fully managed Dedicated and VPS servers.

In the year behind us we have done complete network security upgrade with one of the most Advanced DDoS protection on the European market. Besides that, we are using additional and licenced software able to identify all types of suspicious activity on our servers and network.

Big changes are happening even as we speak and many more challenges are in front of the whole web hosting industry regarding hardware innovation, technology behind it, and creative approach in making people choose your brand and services you offer in particular.
Thank you for your time and insight into AltusHost.