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Tel: 604-682-0300
Address: 860 Homer Street, #405
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 2W5, Canada

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Nice to see RoundCube 1.4 being supported in cPanel version 88 alongside MagicSpam, providing the best customer and…

RT @SpamAuditor: Seeing more #phishing #spam than usual containing @google storage.googleapis to host #fake login pages. A lot coming from…

We are happy to announce the latest release of #MagicSpam LITE for @Plesk - PATCH release 2.0.21-2, which addresses…

It feels good that more companies believe in our mission to make email secure. We are excited about the collaborati…

Here are the 3 main reasons why bundling your Interworx Web Panel with MagicSpam for Interworx is a good decision for your business: 🧵 ⬇️

RT @linuxmagic: Watch for #auth attacks and #email compromise #spam attacks from @Azure up space this weekend

RT @cybersecboardrm: Spear-phishing campaign compromises executives at 150+ companies #SpearPhishing #Executives #1…

RT @NakedSecurity: Sound familiar? You're not alone, luckily this is a well-known scam. RT to stop others falling for it.

Dear #MagicSpam Customers, We have just released a new version of #MagicSpam LITE and PLUS for following platforms:…

We are happy to announce that the latest version of #MagicSpam have been released for following platforms: @Plesk,…