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Tel: N/A
Address: Reidenhaldenstr. 268A
Zurich, ZH, CH-8046, Switzerland

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The secondary DNS cluster member and all hosting and reseller services are unaffected.

LiquidWeb has some unexpected issues with parts of their network, so our website and primary DNS server have been down for the last 3 hours.

The disk space included with all hosting and reseller accounts has been increased, effective immediately.

Drupal has a new advisory post about critical vulnerabilities (, make sure to patch all your installations ASAP.

Just finished a staggered reboot of all virtual servers to protect against CVE-2015-3456 ("VENOM").

We had a DNS configuration issue with our domain for the last 6 hours and e-mails sent during this time might have gotten lost.

If you have bought a Lenovo computer in the last half year, make sure to read up on what Superfish is and how to remove it.

RT @firefox: We have 8 days to stand up for #NetNeutrality. Make your voice heard in Washington:

RT @Insafenetwork: Safer Internet Day press release now available at #SID2015 #Up2US

All servers have finished rebooting.

RT @firefox: Data Privacy Day is the perfect time to share these tips from our privacy team: #DPD2015 #SmartOnPriva…

Installing glibc updates against the GHOST vulnerability, this will be followed by cascading reboots of servers in the next few minutes.

Effective immediately, transfer for all Premium Storage reseller accounts and disk space for all reseller accounts has been increased.

Drupal has a highly critical security issue detailed at . Let us know if you need any assistance.

If you haven't yet, replace SSL with TLS in your browser. There is a simple guide for major browsers at