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Tel: +1-888-605-6775
Address: 10620 S Highlands Pkwy, Suite 110-491
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89141, United States of America

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A little peak at our Las Vegas, Nevada data center! Get your dedicated server today, now with free 10gig private ne…

Took awhile to solve, but that was our fault, not Serverpoint's. There was always a prompt response when I was able…

I have been using serverpoint since 2009 or so. I've been renting some dedicated servers and some vps, and i am sat…

Live Support Online

Ram was very patient and helpful. Solved my publishing problems perfectly!

Thank you a lot!

We had a complicated technical support issue that was handled by Sam, and are very happy with the outcome which was…

Excellent services. We use Serverpoint services for more than 10 years now and we are 100% satisfied with them.…

REALLY nice service, excellent customer service, superb price/quality!

It will be an unforgettable experience for your professional service for the sake of the functioning of the website…

Thanks for all your help and your patience. Best reglads

Had and issue with my web site. They were prompt and professional.


Customer service are awesome.