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Tel: +1-614-794-5971
Address: 3000 E Dublin Granville Rd
Columbus, OH, 43231, United States of America

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We have written up a quick blog post about why we believe that hardware RAID for NVMe SSDs is a big deal.

We are hearing wide spread reports that a large portion of the Internet as a whole is experiencing issues. We are monitoring the situation.

We are tremendously pleased to announce that our first server with hardware (PCIe gen4) NVMe RAID is now available.…

XLHost is pleased to announce support for CentOS Stream on bare metal/dedicated servers.

Another critical @VMWare vCenter flaw has been patched. If you are running vCenter you will want to make plans to u…

XLHost is temporarily suspending the sale of @cPanel

Congrats @Similarweb on your IPO 🥳

XLHost greatly appreciates all of the work that @AlmaLinux is doing.

If you are running an on-premise Exchange server there are some things you should know about.

If you are using VMWare ESXi please patch your hypervisors.

According to You can sign up for a @RedHat developer subscription and use RHEL at no cost.…